What Do You Write About in a Blog?

Sometimes bloggers forget to consider why they are writing any one blog post. Your ‘why’ for each blog post is probably one of the most important aspects of blogging. If you take the time to plan your blog posts in advance based on season, events, and product promotions, it will help you remember why you … Read more

How To Bring Your Blog Up To Date

Many blogs are full of distractions like sidebars, advertisements, and too much information. This can distract an audience from engaging in the way that is the most effective for you to build your list, grow your brand, and make more money. So how can you improve your blog? Use a Modern Theme If you use … Read more

16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You’ve got your blog set up and you’ve started posting pithy, useful information that your niche market would benefit from and enjoy. Days go by, you keep publishing, but no one comments and your traffic stats are barely registering. What do you do? Like any website you own, you must do some blog promotion to … Read more